Engineer by day.

Developer by night.

Tree planter by neccessity.

Trained as a mechanical engineer, I've worked in the automotive and consumer products industries on projects ranging from control system calibration of new engine technologies to floorcare product development as well as technologies for the developing world.

As a Christian and resident of planet Earth, I believe I have a personal responsibility to care for people and the planet, both professionally in what I do for a living and personally in how my life affects others. Engineering provides a way for me to do that in my career and beyond by using what I know to impact and improve the world we live in. I'm far from perfect, but I try my best.

I was a Peace Corps Volunteer in Senegal where I trained farmers in agroforesty practices and worked on projects from cashew orchard improvment to mangrove reforestation. Living and working in a subsistence farming community cast a new light on my thinking about global warming and the effects it has today on those least empowered to combat it.

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